What’s the plan? Here’s the schedule

Saturday 1st June 2013

  1. Lightning Talks 10am to 11:30am

    Scientists will pitch their ideas to hackers and other researchers in a lightening round moderated by NYU's Clay Shirky.

  2. Mapping for Science Workshop 2pm to 3pm

    Andrew Hill from Vizzuality will give a demo of how their mapping API works and how you can easily map any data set.

  3. 3D Printing Workshop 4pm to 5pm

    ITP Students will lead this workshop into how to take a 3D model and print it out using affordable tools like the MakerBot.

Sunday 2nd June 2013

  1. Balloon Mapping Workshop 2pm to 4pm

    The Public Laboratory will lead a workshop on balloon photography and cartography and how you can use affordable DIY tools for surveying and research.

  2. Arduino Workshop 4pm to 5pm

    Tom Igoe, one of the cofounders of Arduino and ITP professor, will lead a workshop on how to use the affordable microcontrollers to create new tools for scientific inquiry and engagement. The Arduino platform is an entirely open source microcontroller platform that has been used to build everything from cheap traffic meters to simple drone autopilot systems.

  3. Judging Session 8pm to 9pm

    Have your hacks critiqued and judged by your peers and our panel of guest judges!